Strategic Management Servies, Inc. Executive Summary Guide

A showcase for the best of your business plan that helps you capture and hold interest quickly and convincingly.

You have one chance to get people seriously interested in your business plan. That usually comes when they are presented with your executive summary of your business plan, which is often the first and only information seen about your business. If you lose them then, you’ve probably lost them for good.

Writing a good executive summary is hard work. This comes after you have completed the first two steps in your strategic business planning process. You need the information from conducting and analyzing your situational SWOT analysis and from structuring and writing your business plan before you can begin to write a compelling executive summary. It involves condensing your business plan’s key selling points into a few well-chosen words to show that your business is unique, promises to be successful, and merits serious consideration. All this has to be conveyed in a persuasive document that takes about five minutes to read, which boils down to no more than two or three pages.

Seasoned business plan writers all agree that an executive summary is almost always the key that lets you in or locks you out of an investor’s portfolio. Knowing what to include and what to exclude is crucial.

This guide shows you how to summarize the best parts of your business plan into a convincing executive summary that can motivate the reader into asking you for additional information or requesting a meeting.

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