Find out what you need to do to prepare to startup a new business, or reorganize, expand, merge, or sell your business by following BusinessPlans-USA’s comprehensive, user-friendly guides you can download for…


A business plan is only part of this professionally designed, step-by-step process. Click on the links below to see how easy it is to get the results you want and why it is important to follow the superb strategic planning guides in the order given.

Step 1
SWOT Analysis Guide

A situational SWOT analysis shows you how to zero-in on critical factors that affect and differentiate your business; invaluable when you write your business plan. more »

Step 2
Business Plan Guide

A business plan defines mission, growth and financial objectives; strategies and tactics for reaching those objectives, and resources you will need. more »

Step 3
Executive Summary Guide

An executive summary highlights unique benefits and expected returns stated in your business plan, putting this in concise, compelling two to three pages. more »

Step 4
Slide Presentation Guide

A PowerPoint™ slide presentation adds powerful visual impact to your business plan; greatly improves buy-in and support from colleagues and investors. more »

You will find that Business Plans–USA’s proven, copyrighted strategic business planning guides are your best bet to help you develop a winning proposal to get funding fast from investors and build a successful business because they give you:

check_box The most comprehensive and fastest ways to gather,
       organize, and present everything you need to
       write your plan.

check_boxA complete and easy-to-follow program; ready for instant
       download so you can get started immediately to prepare to
       startup, reorganize or sell your business.

check_box Clear instructions in plain everyday language, not
       business school jargon, giving you information that is
       invaluable far beyond the new business stage.

check_box The benefit of top professionals’ many years of strategic
       business planning experience working with successful
       companies and investors.

check_box A bargain, for much less than you would expect to pay a
        consultant for one hour; and you have the opportunity to
        develop skills that consultants get paid big bucks for.

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